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Longarm Quilting

Sweet Pea Quilting is delighted to offer professional, quality longarm quilting services on Vancouver Island. We are a friendly team with a wealth of experience, so you know your quilt is in good hands with us at Sweet Pea Quilting.

We have a computerized APQS and a manual Handi Quilter, and dozens of patterns, thread, backing and batting to choose from.

Whether you’re new to longarm quilting, a seasoned pro, or want us to help finish that special quilt, Sweet Pea Quilting offers a range of longarm quilting services to help you on your quilting journey.


We Finish it For You

Let us help you complete your quilts on our state of the art computer guided APQS longarm machine. Simply drop off your quilt at our store. We offer a wide range of patterns, thread colours, batting and backing.

Sweet Pea Quilting charges by the square inch for our longarm quilting services. The cost is 0.3-0.5 cents/sq. inch for a pantograph, depending on pattern difficulty. If your quilt is 40” by 65”, then 2,600 sq. inch x 0.3 = $78.

Thread cost is $2.50 per bobbin.

Extra charges start at  $20 per hour if we need to piece the backing, press prior to quilting, do repairs or add leaders.   Plesse make sure your backing and batting are trimmed to the proper size for the quilt,  There will also be a charge if we need to cut those down.  

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Quilt Preparation Checklist 

  • Submit your quilt in 3 separate pieces – top, backing and batting

  • Ensure that the top and backing are square and void of loose thread

  • Have the top pressed and folded neatly

  • Stitch a quarter inch from the edge all around your quilt top. This will prevent seams from pulling apart during quilting

  • Backing and batting should be at least 4” wider and longer than the whole quilt


Introduction to Longarm Quilting

Learn how to longarm quilt with Sweet Pea Quilting!

We offer a range of Longarm quilting classes from our Parksville, Vancouver Island store.  In it, our experienced and enthusiastic instructors will guide you through all the techniques and tips to get you started on your quilting journey.

In this 2-hour long course, you will learn everything you need to know for future quilting projects:

  • Fabric choice, thread, batting, backing

  • Setting up the machine, loading fabric, and basic maintenance

  • Pantograph versus free motion

This two-hour class is required to rent our machine.

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