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Sweet Pea Quilting is a community where longarmers and quilters can come together to learn, to share ideas, and be inspired.  


Experienced & passionate

I'm Marilyn McGurran. My passion for quilting began nine years ago, when I was living in Yellowknife, NWT. The owner of the company I was working for introduced me to quilting and, looking for a new hobby, I decided to start longarming. As soon as I touched the machine, I knew I needed to have one immediately!


I decided to build a longarm quilting business in my own home, and share my knowledge with other quilters in the area. I got in touch with the BDIC in Yellowknife. I did a five year business plan for them and five days later received a chque to purchase the machine. And the rest is history!

After growing my longarm quilting business, Longarm of the North, for a few years, I knew I wanted to retire on Vancouver Island. 5 years later, my perfect came up for sale, and then in October 2021 I took over Sweet Pea Quilting and here we are today.

Making a Quilt

"My goals are to bring my longarm business and experience to the Vancouver Island quilting community, and to share my knowledge through weekly classes and training programs.

By bringing in more modern and contemporary fabrics and patterns, I hope customers can find new inspiration to incorporate into their designs."

Marilyn McGurran, Owner, Sweet Pea Quilting


Sweet Pea Quilting is more than just a store, it’s a community. A community to bring together longarmers and quilters, a place where friends can meet and share ideas, work on projects, and excel in a creative environment.

I love quilting and longarming, and am so grateful to own Sweet Pea Quilting. I hope to see you in the store soon!

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